Yann and Ashley know what they’re talking about with a combined 42 years in the hospitality trade. Their mantra? Give the punters what they want.

“The number one mistake you can make in the pub trade is to create the pub you like,” explained Ashley “It’s not about you, it’s about your customers. It sounds simple, but you’d be surprised as to how many people make the mistake.

“We’ve created a pub for young professionals; a pub where women feel comfortable but one that doesn’t alienate men. It has feminine touches combined with bare brick, wooden floors and a slight industrial feel. It is sophisticated.

“We’ve also spent time on developing the Jam Tree brand as we have also opened in Clapham. It’s the little details that matter, like adding jam to our cocktails to create something different.”

The Wellington Pub Company’s commitment to give its tenants freedom to choose the format of their own business empowered Yann and Ashley to refurbish the ground floor and garden of The Jam Tree in just four weeks. Three years later they converted the four bedroom flat above the bar using profits generated from the business.

They’ve created a stylish, convivial space where people can share tapas style small plates and sharers in comfort.

“We’re really proud of what we’ve achieved,” explained Yann, “A space where young professionals can relax over lunch or after work. But we’ve also created a space where football fans can gather before a Chelsea game. It’s not unusual to get through 1,000 pints on a Saturday afternoon!”

So what of the future?

“We’re not interested in ‘owner intensive’ pubs,” continued Yann “We’re creating a scalable business, we put together strong management teams that report regularly so Ashley and I can concentrate on pushing the business forward.

“We’re always on the look out for new opportunities, but tied pubs aren’t the way forward. As Ashley said, it is essential that we offer our customers what they want and we can only do that when we have control of the drinks we sell. The Wellington Pub Company’s flexibility allows us to do this. Their Property Managers are always on hand to help and support but are never intrusive.”